This is the blog for Daily Subversions the weekly radio programme presented by Amber Jacobs on ResonanceFM every Friday 11.30am (starting May 6th 2011) and repeated every Wednesday at 5pm. A Daily Subversion can be any practice or action in an everyday situation that in some way disrupts entrenched power relations, makes the familiar strange, reveals underlying ideologies, uses humour in unlikely contexts, inspires solidarity and resistance and more...

Monday, 16 May 2011

This week's show.

11.30 am Friday 20th May
This week's Daily Subversions are from Gordon Hon, film maker Melanie Light and artist Alex Schady.
After the show is broadcast on friday you can download it from here.


  1. Amber, i am very pleased listening to your show, i think its great and congratulations.
    I would like to point out that in light of the Melanie Light discussion of (gendered/sexualised) murdering the movie 'Monster' has been overlooked as a woman who is unattractive, unsexual, serial killer, and ontop of it, a true story..

  2. Subversions, pranks.. by former members of the secret society 'the suicide club' is what is now known as the cacophony society

    Were the merry pranksters subverting a daily 'routine'?