This is the blog for Daily Subversions the weekly radio programme presented by Amber Jacobs on ResonanceFM every Friday 11.30am (starting May 6th 2011) and repeated every Wednesday at 5pm. A Daily Subversion can be any practice or action in an everyday situation that in some way disrupts entrenched power relations, makes the familiar strange, reveals underlying ideologies, uses humour in unlikely contexts, inspires solidarity and resistance and more...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

First Programme

The first show of Daily Subversions is on this Friday 6th May 11.30 am on Resonance FM.
It will also be available here after the broadcast.
The first show features Tim Mathews from  UK Uncut, Journalist Suzanne Moore and Nursery Teacher Lorraine Richardson.

Next weeks show (13th May) will feature Mark Fisher and Lynne Segal


  1. can i download this as a podcast ?

  2. Yes. Each episode can be downloaded after its broadcast date. So the first one will be available tomorrow night or Saturday. Just keep an eye on the site.